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The Company is in existence in India for 100 years. It originated in 1906 as “Saxby & Farmer Ltd.” Later in 1923 the name was changed to “Westinghouse Saxby Farmer Ltd.”. The company was a subsidiary of “Westinghouse Brakes & Signal Ltd. UK”. In 1969 it was taken over by Govt. of West Bengal. At present Govt. of west Bengal holds 99.97% share and 0.03% share is still in the name of Westinghouse Brakes & Signal Ltd. UK.

About Us

“WESTINGHOUSE” is a formidable brand name in the world in areas ranging from Domestic Appliances to Railway Technology to Nuclear Power Plant. This brand name is an invaluable asset of this company and by dint of ownership of the company the WESTINGHOUSE brand belongs to Govt. of West Bengal also.

  • Satisfy the customers’ needs and expectation and enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • mprove the effectiveness of the products and business performance. 
  • Cost savings through use of improved technology and improving services and product quality.
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Our Current Civil Projects

  • Project : Rabindra Bhawan
  • Location : Purulia Town
  • Project : Pd. R. M. Abasik School
  • Location : Kalchini , Coochbihar
  • Project : Const. of Bus Terminus
  • Location : Harirampur, Dakshin Dinajpur
  • Project : Sports Complex
  • Location : Jalpaiguri, West Bengal