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About WSFL

The Company is in existence in India for 100 years. It originated in 1906 as “Saxby & Farmer Ltd.” Later in 1923 the name was changed to “Westinghouse Saxby Farmer Ltd.”. The company was a subsidiary of “Westinghouse Brakes & Signal Ltd. UK”. In 1969 it was taken over by Govt. of West Bengal. At present Westinghouse Saxby Farmer l Ltd under administrative control of Public Works Depertment, Govt. of West Bengal.

The name of the company originated from 3 stalwart Technocrats. John Saxby and Stinson Farmer are considered as the Father of Railway Signalling. Signalling solutions and devices invented by Saxby & Farmer ruled all railways in the world, including Indian Railways, for more than 60 years.  George Westinghouse is considered as the most acclaimed technocrat of the 19th century. He is the inventor of Railway Air Brake system, which is still the basis of air brake design.  He introduced AC generation & transmission system in USA. George Westinghouse excelled in many other technologies. He eventually set up Westinghouse group of companies on different areas which spread all over the world. Many branches originated from the group in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Even today “WESTINGHOUSE” is a formidable brand name in the world in areas ranging from Domestic Appliances to Railway Technology to Nuclear Power Plant. 

This brand name is an invaluable asset of this company and by dint of ownership of the company the WESTINGHOUSE brand belongs to Govt. of West Bengal.

Westing House Saxby Farmer Limited, being a pioneer in manufacturing of Railway equipments has diversified its activities in the field of construction management and accordingly a Civil Engineering Project Division was augmented in the organisation of the company in the year of 1975 to promote its project management activities in many folds. The Company has already earned its credentials in executing numerous infrastructural projects, such as  such as construction of Roads, Bridges, Hospitals, Colleges, Hostels, drainage facilities etc. The Company was entrusted with responsibilities for execution of 200 such projects for a value of more than 1200 crores in last 10 years by various government departments out of which 90 projects have been already completed along with another 10 projects are nearing completion with annual turnover of Rs 120 crores in last 5 years whereas turnover for last financial year has been concluded as Rs 244 crores.

Aim / Vision / Mission

Our Vision Specialization in various types of Railway Brakes & Couplers. Providing unique solutions in Railway Safety Application Domain. Specialization in Railway route Relay Interlocking & Panel Interlocking System. Strong presence of WSF Limited all over India. Strong foundation to convert WSF Ltd. into a Railway infrastructure Company. Our Mission To provide a cost effective, reliable and safe product for Railway operation to make public transport affordable and competitive.

Quality Policy / Processes

We are committed to a quality policy as indicated below: 

1. Satisfy the customers’ needs and expectation and enhance customer satisfaction. 

2. Improve the effectiveness of the products and business performance. 

3. Cost savings through use of improved technology and improving services and product quality. 

4. Enhance competence and productivity through continuous training and involvement of people at all levels